Free Fire OB29 Update: Upcoming Features


Free Fire Max garina OB29 update anticipated to be released on August, 4, 2021 at 1200 PM SGT( 930 AM IST). Free Fire players will be suitable to modernize the roughly 650-690 MB update for the game from Google Playstore and Apple App Store when the patch goes live. The patch generally takes six hours to apply so players won't be suitable to play Free Fire before OB29 goes live. There are three riddle characters being added in this patch along with a new pet and the AC80 Rifle.

Upcoming Features :

As one of the three mystery characters in Free Fire, an Elite version of Moco will join Elite Kelly, Elite Hayato, and Elite Andrew. The name of the third character is not yet known. Vital Vibes, a passive skill that comes with this character, shortens the amount of time it takes to revive an enemy by a particular percentage.

There will also be a brand-new AC80 marksman rifle. This gun is designed for mid-to-long range warfare and has the ability to fire two bullets simultaneously, causing more damage to the adversaries.


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