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Friends, this app, called My Cash Bazar App, was developed in India. Now, you should know the features of this program. By getting the points on this app, you can also use it to generate redeemption codes and transfer money on any UPI app. Friends, this app is called as a useful app in Android products for a reason. 

After opening this app, you will not be bored. You can play games in this application, when a question appears, you can get a reward by giving the answer. It's fun for you.

Google Play Free Redeem Code (13 Nov) - 

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Free Fire Redeem codes for (4 Dec) - 

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Easily Download My Cash Bazar App -

Use Refer Code & Get Point - CB7SH5

This application has a lot of unique characteristics, one of which being the ability to be downloaded through the Google Play Store. You must perform a search for it in the Play Store to be able to download it, and then click the first result to begin the installation process.

Download now

Otherwise, downloading this application is the simplest option. You must click the download option that is provided below. It must also be finished by selecting "human verification." Then, when some time has passed, this application will download to your phone, allowing you to use it.

How to use this App tutorial -

It is easy to use this application, you can use this application successfully. You just have to read our article completely, so that you know more about this app and can use this app properly. Answer: If you install this app on your mobile and open it, you must first create an account on it. To create an account, you must first enter your name, number and email address, after a short time your login is ready. 

After that, you see many questions, little by little, you have to solve all these questions. You get a lot of coins for this and you have to collect these coins. So friends, you need to click on the first option and enter your number in it. In the same way, you will see the second option. By clicking on it, you must enter your name, and in the third option, you must enter any code you want to remember.
Then you will be able to see all these four options. Let me tell you that if you come to the first option and do this for you, you will get a daily login reward, that means every time you open this app you can get a reward by clicking on the daily link. once a day.
Then you will see scratch cards in the second option. Once you click on this option, a card is drawn in front of you and if you draw on this card, you will get a reward and sometimes you can get a big reward.


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